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  • Jones, Seth (University Honors College, Middle Tennessee State University, 2019-08-14)
    This project provides an overview of the story Christianity and Bible translations in Japan by cataloguing and critically examining selected Japanese biblical translations. It begins with the Jesuit missions in the 16th ...
  • Williams, Moose (University Honors College, Middle Tennessee State University, 2019-04-16)
    Masculinity is a quality that we expect of a man. It’s a timeless concept that appears throughout American society. Boys are crafted and beaten until they embody what it means to be a man. Unfortunately, boys aren’t the ...
  • Warner, Beverly (University Honors College, Middle Tennessee State University, 2019-04-26)
    This is a study of solar bursts utilizing a record of multiple radio telescope data from differing observation sites across the country. Since identifying and comparing solar bursts manually is both cumbersome and subjective, ...
  • Towle, Andrew (University Honors College, Middle Tennessee State University, 2019-04-24)
    Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) is a disorder known for the chaotic behavior it facilitates in its sufferers, and the emotional and mental struggles it incites in those surrounding someone with the disorder[MOU1]. ...
  • Ross, Thomas III (University Honors College, Middle Tennessee State University, 2019-07-09)
    Fungal endophytes inhabiting plant vascular tissue can alter the physiology of their host’s. Changes in growth rate, as well as resistance to disease and drought are some of the effects observed in plants whose tissue ...

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