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  • Tucker, Sarah Elizabeth (Middle Tennessee State University, 2021)
    This thesis implemented the ideas based on the Appraisal-Tendency Framework. Specifically, it observed whether felt emotions, such as sadness or anger, in an educational setting, affected judgments made on whether a situation ...
  • Priest, Reed (Middle Tennessee State University, 2021)
    Motivational contagion is a process where one individual’s motivations are adopted by others (Dragoni & Kuenzi, 2012). Leaders enact motivational contagion when they share their goal orientations with followers. The present ...
  • Mendez-Meggison, Andrea Cecilia (Middle Tennessee State University, 2020)
    Despite ethical programs, employees may still engage in unethical behavior. As such, organizational researchers have sought to examine why employees engage in ethical/unethical behavior and whether interventions can improve ...
  • Stremic, Stacey Madison (Middle Tennessee State University, 2020)
    This research aimed to challenge the current conceptualization of mindfulness as a personality trait or psychological state. Instead, we propose that mindfulness is better defined and measured as a skill. As a result, we ...

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