Comparing Abused and Non-Abused Women: The Effects of Social Support on Mental Health

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Lyle, Patricia
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Middle Tennessee State University
Experiencing intimate partner violence (IPV) is associated with suicidal tendencies, depression, PTSD and emotional distress. Research shows, too, that social support decreases the impact of IPV on mental health. This study used a 2 way Factorial MANOVA to analyze if there will be a difference between non-abused and abused women in levels of mental health (PTSD and depression) based on their social support structures. While no significant interaction was found for the impact of IPV and social support on mental health, separate analyses revealed IPV significantly increased levels of PTSD and depression and strong levels of social support significantly decreased the impact of IPV on mental health. The results of this study are important in order to provide effective interventions for women experiencing IPV. Also, further research is needed to investigate the complex role of social support and its impact on mental health among women who experienced IPV.