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Implementing Reinforcement Learning in Unreal Engine 4 with Blueprint 6056
The relationship of academic cramming to flow experience 4265
Self-Esteem Levels & Selfies: The Relationship between Self-Esteem Levels and the Number of Selfies People Take and Post, and the Uses and Gratifications of Taking and Posting Selfies 4224
What the best online teachers should do 3041
Education and economic growth in Nigeria: a case study. 2356
The Impact of Smartphones on Work-Life Balance 2141
Strategic responses of non-profit organizations to the economic crisis: Examining through the lenses of resource dependency and resourced-based view theories 2075
FAQ: JEWLScholar@MTSU 2073
Feminism, Misogyny, & Rap Music: A Content Analysis of Lyrics within the "New Wave" of Female Rappers 2021
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