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  • Collage Editorial Board (Middle Tennessee State University, 2021-04)
    Middle Tennessee State University arts and literary journal featuri poetry, prose, short plays, song lyrics, art, design, and photography from current students and recent graduates
  • Humphries, Robbie Mahaffey (Middle Tennessee State University, 2021)
    Using microwave synthesis, chemists may decrease reaction times drastically to produce, in this case, three phosphorus-based flame retardant additives in under twenty minutes to an hour.1 Traditionally, these three products ...
  • Byerly, Kelsey Rene (Middle Tennessee State University, 2021)
    This research study sought to determine whether the number of behavioral anchors/examples on a behaviorally anchored rating scaled increased rater accuracy in performance evaluations. Specifically, it examined whether a ...
  • Johnson, Charles W (Middle Tennessee State University, 2021)
    Pathfinding algorithms are in constant use today – be it for generating driving directions or maintaining the routing tables that are used for routing traffic around the Internet. As would be expected, a given algorithm’s ...
  • Dean, Sarah Frances (Middle Tennessee State University, 2021)
    The four dark personality traits of Machiavellianism, psychopathy, narcissism, and sadism have been studied together under an overarching construct called the Dark Tetrad. As this field of study is relatively new, the most ...

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