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  • Digital Scholarship Initiatives (Digital Scholarship Initaitives, James E. Walker Library, Middle Tennessee State University, 2019)
    Walker Library Digital Scholarship Initiatives supports individual and collaborative digital scholarship projects in research, teaching, and public outreach from any discipline on campus. The Digital Seed Grant is an annual ...
  • Womack, Angela (University Honors College Middle Tennessee State University, 2019-11-06)
    The purpose of this research was to examine relapse factors among women in recovery from substance abuse. Many previous substance abuse studies have excluded women from the research. The recent opioid epidemic has ...
  • Wheeley, Allison (University Honors College Middle Tennessee State University, 2019-12-03)
    Video games are fairly new media that advertisers have attempted to take advantage of. But how effective are these in-game advertisements? This thesis seeks to see how effective current in-game advertisements are by ...
  • Weatherford, Anthony (University Honors College Middle Tennessee State University, 2019-12-04)
    The idea of Santa Claus and Christmas go hand in hand for most people, largely because of the effective marketing of the Coca-Cola Company. Beginning in the 1930’s, the Coca-Cola Company revolutionized the idea of Santa ...
  • Waldron, Grant (University Honors College Middle Tennessee State University, 2019-12-04)
    This thesis aims to introduce the key themes present in C.S. Lewis’s fiction. Throughout his works, he sought to teach his readers, whether that be through his non-fiction, his fiction, his poetry, his letters, or his ...

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