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Recently Added

  • Arete 
    Honors College (University Honors College, Middle Tennessee State University, 2019-04)
    Arete, the Honors magazine, publishes news stories about and for MTSU Honors students, faculty, and alumni.
  • Collage Editorial Board, Middle Tennessee State University Honors College (Middle Tennessee State University, 2019-04-22)
    Middle Tennessee State University arts and literary journal features poetry, prose, short plays, song lyrics, art, design, and photography from current students and recent graduates
  • Scholars Week (Middle Tennessee State University, 2019)
  • Scholars Week (Middle Tennessee State University, 2019)
  • Miller, A. (2019-02)
    A Digital Project Preservation Plan is designed to help with organizing preservation efforts for digital projects. Initially drafted as a companion guide meant to fill the gap on best methods for preserving digital scholarship ...

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