College of Liberal Arts

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More than 3,600 students major in fields housed in the ten academic departments of the MTSU College of Liberal Arts. Our disciplines encompass the arts, the humanities, and the social sciences. In addition, much of the university's General Education program is located within our college, so virtually every MTSU student will take some classes with us. Our academic offerings range from freshman survey courses to Ph.D.s. in English and Public History. The college offers several dozen undergraduate majors, nearly 30 interdisciplinary minors, and ten graduate degrees. The heart of the college is our faculty, and we have more than 300 full-time faculty members.

In addition to our academic departments, a variety of other units call Liberal Arts home, including the Center for Historic Preservation, the Albert Gore Research Center, the University Writing Center, the Governor's School for the Arts, the Mineral, Gem, and Fossil Museum, and the Forensic Institute for Research and Education (FIRE).

Ours is a dynamic college, with new programs and approaches constantly being added. Yet we remain committed to the ideals of a classical liberal arts education, which introduces students to the broader world and, we hope, provides them a framework with which to understand it. Moreover, the liberal arts focus on developing students' ability to read, write, and think critically. In addition to the intrinsic value of acquiring those skills, employers increasingly report that they look for broadly-trained and quick-learning employees who can respond to the demands of our rapidly changing society.