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  • Maiti, Abhradeep (Middle Tennessee State University, 2014-08-01)
    My doctoral dissertation consists of three empirical investigations in economics. Using dataset from the United States and India, I investigate the impact of law changes on labor market outcomes, effect of early classroom ...
  • Brown, Christian (Middle Tennessee State University, 2013-06-01)
    Many individuals in the United States are incarcerated. The American incarceration rate and average sentence length have risen dramatically since the early 1980s. It is commonly hypothesized that mass incarceration has ...
  • Rumbaugh, Dustin (Middle Tennessee State University, 2016-06-22)
    In the last two decades there has been massive expansion in state-level merit based scholarship (MBS) programs. At the same time the US has experienced an expanding gap between the number of Science, Engineering, Technology, ...
  • Hill, Joshua Michael (Middle Tennessee State University, 2013-06-06)
    An individual's decision making and life outcomes are often affected by noncognitive factors such as social skills and personality traits. A small but growing literature investigates the impact of noncognitive factors and ...
  • Routon, Philip Wesley (Middle Tennessee State University, 2014-06-01)
    This dissertation has three chapters, each one originally being a separate analysis and paper. All three pertain to the socio-economic returns to having served in the United States Armed Forces during the early 21st century ...
  • TRAIAN, ANCA (Middle Tennessee State University, 2013-06-23)
    This dissertation contains three chapters. The first chapter, entitled "Households' Financial Resources during Periods of Income Shortfall Caused by Childbirth," examines the use of unsecured debt, savings, and government ...
  • Majumder, Md. Alauddin (Middle Tennessee State University, 2014-06-19)

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