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  • French, Zack (Middle Tennessee State University, 2018-03-22)
    In this paper, we introduce and characterize the class of lattices that arise as the
  • Bachstein, Anna Caroline (Middle Tennessee State University, 2015-10-30)
    It was conjectured by Hoffman-Ostenhof that the edge set of every cubic graph can be decomposed into a spanning tree, a matching, and a family of cycles. This conjecture was verified for many graphs such as the Peterson ...
  • Liang, Xiao (Middle Tennessee State University, 2015-10-22)
    The nonlinear Schringer equations are widely used to model a number of important physical phenomena, including solitary wave propagations in optical fibers, deep water turbulence, laser beam transmissions, and the Bose-Einstein ...
  • Whitlatch, Hays Wimsatt (Middle Tennessee State University, 2014-05-25)
    Isoperimetric inequalities date back to ancient Greece where figures with equal perimeters but different shapes were compared (Zenodorus, On Isoperimetric Figures). The original problem was to maximize the area contained ...
  • Frazier, Brian Phillip (Middle Tennessee State University, 2015-08-15)
    In his 2005 dissertation, Antoine Vella studied the relationships between hypergraphs
  • Alrowaili, Dalal (Middle Tennessee State University, 2018-01-30)
    In computational mathematics, Graph Theory serves as an abstract model for chemical compounds.

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