The Relationship Between Insufficient Sleep and Obesity Related Health Complications in College Students

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Decker, Lacey
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Middle Tennessee State University
Americans have seen an increase in obesity and insufficient sleep. The reasons behind the increase in obesity have been intensively studied with new evidence suggesting that sleep plays a vital role in weight regulation. The main purpose of this study was to determine the correlation and effects of insufficient sleep and obesity in college students. Also studied is the effect that diet habits and exercise make in relation to Body Mass Index (BMI) and sleep. All of these variables were looked at in relation to gender and rank in class.
An extant data set previously collected and answered by Middle Tennessee State University students was used. A significant correlation was found between the amount of adequate sleep received and decrease in BMI. Insufficient sleep was also linked to problems completing daily tasks. It was found that the more servings of fruits and vegetables consumed were correlated with a lower BMI and more sufficient sleep. Exercise also showed an increase in sufficient sleep and aerobic exercise was associated with lower BMI values. A clear connection between insufficient sleep and obesity needs to be addressed. The reasons for this connection need to be researched further for the wellbeing of all college students and Americans.