Electronic Reading Devices: Are They Hurting or Helping the Print Publishing Industry?

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Wesley, Savannah Nikkole
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Middle Tennessee State University
With ever-evolving and emerging technology making an impact on today's society, examining how this technology affects mass media is essential. This study attempts to delve into an emerging media - electronic reading devices - and research how they are changing the publishing industry by looking into the arenas of newspaper, magazine, and book publishing as well as at consumers of print media on a larger scale. Through conducting a survey of around 250 participants, this study looks into consumers' ideas of preference and attitude toward reading habits involving electronic reading devices as well as thoughts about the longevity of the traditional print publishing industry. The research findings include information that points to positive correlations in preference and attitude toward using electronic devices amongst owners of the devices as well as positive correlations with men and the idea that printed materials are a thing of the past. Further research in the area of how long owners of electronic reading devices actually spend reading would offer even better insight into this subject of study.