A comparison of computer-based and teacher-directed instruction on performance of the full golf swing.

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Adams, Sarah
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Middle Tennessee State University
This study was conducted to examine differences of computer-based instruction (CBI) and teacher-directed instruction (TDI) on students' performance of the full golf swing. The sample consisted of 34 students enrolled in two PHED golf classes (CBI = 19 and TDI = 15). Simultaneously, during a 15-minute period the CBI group viewed the "Fundamentals of a Model Swing" software program while the investigator instructed the TDI group through a 15-minute lecture period. Both groups received the four-step modeling process designed by Hunter. A practice session followed, during which the students executed the skill, received instructor feedback and made corrections. Pretest and posttest scores were collected measuring distance and accuracy of the ball and an independent groups t-test was used to analyze the scores. Results indicated that there was no statistically significant (p less than .05) difference in the CBI instructional method and the TDI instructional method when performing the skill. In conclusion, CBI using the FOMS software can be used when teaching the full golf swing in an educational setting with an instructor present.
Chair: Richard LaLance.