Perceived needs, concerns, and problems of beginning physical education teachers.

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Dohoney, Paula
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Middle Tennessee State University
The researcher's intent was to identify and examine the problems, needs, and concerns of beginning physical education teachers, grades K-12, specifically. The review of related literature indicated that most studies conducted on the problems of beginning teachers encompassed teachers of various grade levels and subject areas.
Personnel directors identified 94 beginning physical education teachers in the state of Georgia. Further investigation concluded that only 68 teachers were in their first year of teaching. The researcher sent surveys to each of these beginning teachers, 57 of which completed and returned their surveys.
The survey instrument contained questions regarding biographical data, as well as 40 potential problem areas that were to be ranked according to the severity of the problem experienced. Also included within the survey was an opportunity for the beginning teachers to express their opinions regarding their teacher preparation.
An analysis of the results ranked the 40 problem areas by percentage of teachers who experienced each problem. Some of the problems experienced by the beginning physical education teachers were unique to their discipline. Beginning physical education teachers also were more vulnerable to some problems than beginning teachers in other disciplines.