An analysis of the risk management procedures currently implemented in secondary school physical education programs in Tennessee.

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Teague, Travis
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Middle Tennessee State University
The purpose of this study was to determine the status of risk management in secondary school physical education programs in Tennessee. One hundred and sixty secondary school physical education department chairs were surveyed through the use of a questionnaire. A national panel of experts validated the instrument. Fifty-nine physical education department chairs responded, representing a response of 37.0%.
The study was divided into four sections: (1) demographics, (2) risk management procedures related to facilities and equipment, (3) risk management procedures related to the physical education program, and (4) risk management procedures related to medical standards and practices. Frequencies and percentages of responses to the questions were analyzed and reported. Chi-square analysis was used to determine differences between some responses.
The findings from the investigation revealed that the majority of all public and private secondary schools in Tennessee have a specific person responsible for risk management in physical education. There were no respondents in this study that had been found guilty of negligence in a court of law, nor had any been formally accused of negligence. There were significant differences between public and private schools in regard to some items on the questionnaire. Public schools tended to formally address more physical education risk management issues than private schools. Conclusions and recommendations were made based on information acquired from the administration of this study.