Seventh, eighth and ninth grade physical education curriculum experiences: a series of three videotapes.

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Woolard, Donna
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Middle Tennessee State University
The purpose of this dissertation was to produce a series of videotapes for use in undergraduate classes studying the physical education curriculums of grades seven, eight, and nine. The planning process involved gaining the cooperation of the David Lipscomb University Campus School and the technical assistance of the Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) Learning Resource Center. The production stage involved live videotaping of seventh, eighth, and ninth grade physical education classes. In postproduction, raw videotape footage was edited, scripted, dubbed, and titled to create a separate videotape on the curriculum of each grade.
The written portion of the dissertation describes the methods and procedures followed in producing the videotape series and documented versions of the final scripts. Suggestions for utilizing the videotapes, and recommendations for further study were also included in the written material. It was suggested the videotapes be used: (1) for the study of curriculum but not instructional methods, (2) as audiovisual teaching aids in undergraduate curriculum classes, (3) for public presentations, (4) for review by graduate students and inservice teachers, and (5) for inservice instruction by state and local education agencies. Recommendations for further study included: (1) a study to determine the effectiveness of the series as an instructional tool and (2) the production of videotapes on physical education curriculum in the tenth, eleventh, and twelfth grades.
The MTSU Learning Resource Center retains final copies on both three-quarters inch and one-half inch VHS videotape for the purposes of checkout and distribution within the University. The videotapes are copyrighted by the writer and MTSU. However, MTSU Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Safety Department is responsible for the distribution of copies for instructional purposes.