Differences in Perceptions of Homosexual Female Leaders in Relation to Heterosexual Female Leaders

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Laine, Kara
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Middle Tennessee State University
Although attitudes are improving toward homosexuals in general, stereotypes and prejudices remain a concern. The present research examines heterosexual and homosexual female leaders based on perceptions of leadership effectiveness and traits. Organizational success or failure as well as the attribution of responsibility for the outcome are conditions that may influence these perceptions. This study found that perceptions of leadership effectiveness were higher when the organization was successful than when the organization was unsuccessful. Further, leadership effectiveness ratings for heterosexual females were greater than for homosexual females, when not controlling for other variables. Prejudice did not seem to be the cause of this finding, although social desirability remains a consideration. As far as traits, when the organizational was successful, leaders were perceived as having greater positive communal traits than when the organization was unsuccessful. A discussion of implications and future research is included.
Homosexual, Leadership, LGBT