An Experimental Examination of the Rating Differences Between Video Based and Audio Based Role-Play Methods

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Camp, Wesley Austin
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Middle Tennessee State University
This study explored the use of technology in assessment centers, further exploring perceptions of participants regarding presentation methods, and attempted to determine differences in how assessors might rate candidates’ performance in a role-play simulation. This study examined differences in ratings of performance on two dimensions (Communication and Persuasion) in a role-play simulation using different methods of communication (audio-only vs. video). All participants accessed the study via an online survey. According to repeated measures ANOVA analysis, no significant differences were found between the ratings of communication or persuasion across the two role-play methods. However, this study found that overall participants gave higher ratings of fairness to video (face-to-face) over telephone role-plays. The results of this study provide valuable insight on how technology can influence the ratings of performance in role-play scenarios. This study shows the need for further exploration of the idea of technology method equivalence in the role-play setting.
Audio, Interview, Rating Differences, Role-Play, Video