Verifying Work Ethic's Factor Structure and Examining the MWEP Short-Form Using the NEO-PI-R

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Wright, David A.
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Middle Tennessee State University
The proposed study sought to expand construct validity evidence in support of Miller et al.’s (2002) Multidimensional Work Ethic Profile (MWEP) and examine a recently developed short form version of the MWEP. As such, it sought to evaluate whether the short form MWEP relates to relevant external constructs in the same manner as the full version. The current study was successful in providing additional validity evidence for the MWEP as well as for Meriac et al.’s short form version (i.e., the MWEP-SF). Miller’s factor structure of work ethic, represented by seven dimensions, was supported by the confirmatory factor analytic results on the full and short form measures, as both resulted in acceptable model fit. The correlational analysis between each work ethic measure and Big Five personality constructs (measured by the NEO-PI-R) also provided validity evidence in support of the MWEP and MWEP-SF. On average, the MWEP and MWEP-SF related to conscientiousness above other personality traits of the five factor model. Relevant facet-level relationships were also examined. Comparisons between the correlational findings for the full MWEP and MWEP-SF suggest that the short form is a promising addition to the psychometric literature, as it seems commensurate in its measurement of the seven work ethic dimensions proposed by Miller. Finally, important suggestions regarding improvements to the measurements and directions for future research are discussed.
Conscientiousness, Industrial/organizational psyc, Multidimensional measures, Personality, Self-report bias, Work ethic