Organizational Climate Variables and Performance as Predictors of Voluntary and Involuntary Turnover Among Nurses

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White, Anna
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Middle Tennessee State University
Previous research has examined antecedents of turnover, including performance, engagement, leader effectiveness, and other variables. The purpose of this study is to research the relationships between organizational climate variables, performance, and voluntary and involuntary turnover. Data were collected from surveys and performance appraisals conducted in 2019 and turnover records through 2021. Participants were nurses in hospitals in a healthcare organization across the United States. Exploratory factor analysis was used to identify organizational climate variables measured in the surveys, which included organizational climate, satisfaction with supervision, intention to stay, professional support, peer support, and collaboration. Regression analyses were used to test the hypotheses. The combination of the organizational climate variables was indirectly related to voluntary turnover rate through intention to stay. Performance was negatively related to voluntary and involuntary turnover. The findings contribute to the literature on antecedents of turnover.
Turnover, Psychology, Organizational behavior