The Impact of Coaching Change on Team Performance in the English Premier League

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Dougherty, Joseph Andrew
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Middle Tennessee State University
This study examined the effects of coaching changes on team performance in the English Premier League. There is currently discussion on the specific effect changing a head coach has on team performance (negative impact, positive impact, no impact). This study contributes to the on-going discussion by examining the timing of coaching changes (between-season, within-season) and its impact on team performance. Performance data were collected on soccer teams in the English Premier League between 2000/2001 and 2018/2019 that experienced coaching changes. A series of ANOVAs and t-tests were conducted in order to determine how team performance differed after a coaching change occurred. Results suggest that regardless of the timing of the coaching change, performance levels increased and stayed elevated for at least one-and-a-half seasons following the coaching change. Further research should be conducted to determine how long this effect lasts, and to determine which type of coaching change results is best.
Coaching Change, English Premier League, Team Performance, Sports management