Causes and consequences of labor market decisions : an empirical investigation /

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Minor, Travis
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Middle Tennessee State University
Collected in this dissertation are three separate works that examine several different factors in an individual's wage determination. Chapter 1 looks at the effect of diabetes on an individual's employment decision and wage rate. Estimates show the importance of a continuously-specified diabetes measure, as opposed to the static measure estimated by previous studies. Additionally, numerous sources of statistical bias are accounted for utilizing the panel data available for this study. Chapter 2 explores labor market similarities and differences of type-I and type-II diabetes. Results show that type-I diabetes is detrimental to most labor market outcomes, accounting for an average loss in earnings of about 17%; and that the effects of type-II diabetes are similar, though not as large, with an average loss of 8%. Chapter 3 takes a different approach by analyzing the importance of factors that influence a state's decision to adopt an above federal minimum wage level. Results indicate that state political leanings are the primary significant factor in explaining differences in state minimum wage laws since 1991.