Framework of Understanding Somatological Constructs Relative to the Fit of Apparel

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Cottle, Frederick S.
Ulrich, Pamela V.
Teel, Karla P.
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Middle Tennessee State University
2014 Conference Proceedings edited by Hometrica Consulting - Switzerland
Past research in the field of somatology (human body measurement) related to the fit of apparel has focused on the current apparel manufacturing process flow. In the current system, three dimensional (3D) body form is converted to one dimensional (1D) sizes and two dimensional (2D) shapes in order to utilize shaping methodology in the conversion of 2D fabrics into a 3D garment that fit the 3D human body form. The somatological constructs of size, build, shape, and form are often used interchangeably in academia and industry. This treatise intends to clarify definitions and bring deeper meaning to these constructs. This clarity and meaning will be used to develop a framework of understanding to use as a lens to view apparel product development and manufacturing as they relate to the fit of garments to the human body. The framework of understanding has the potential to revolutionize the apparel industry by refocusing development efforts toward a more effective process flow and to change the way the fit of garments is measured and evaluated.
Form, Somatology, Fit, Body Scanning