Associating Afro-Uruguayan Candombe with Niger-Congo and Other Latin Music

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Sosa Barboza, Eugenia Sosa
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Middle Tennessee State University
After years of government whitewashing, Uruguay is not often considered in discussions surrounding the African diaspora, even less so in conversations about African percussion or Afro-Latin music. Still, the transatlantic slave trade created a Black minority in the country, which has influenced the popular culture with it’s Afro-Uruguayan drumming style, candombe. This thesis aims to clarify candombe’s role as a contributing member to the story of Afro-Latin music and integrate it into existing scholarship which the Afro-Latin musician and scholar will recognize. Because candombe is lesser known among studies of Latin music, chapter 1 will give background and history to this music. Chapter 2 will musically analyze the African foundation of candombe to establish ancestral traits which have become common knowledge in other Afro-Latin styles. Finally, chapter 3 will study candombe as a contemporary of better studied Afro-Latin styles, engaging it in the current conversations of Latin music.
African Diaspora, Afro-Latin, Candombe, Musicology, Percussion, Uruguay, Music