An activity manual for indoor and outdoor team handball.

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Ward, John
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Middle Tennessee State University
The purpose of this dissertation was to develop a manual that would assist in the teaching and coaching of beginning team handball players. The manual is divided into eight chapters according to topical information. Photographs and diagrams are included to aid in the explanation of skills, drills and tactics. Each chapter includes a list of learning objectives pertaining to the information presented in the respective chapter.
Chapter one contains a brief history of the development and nature of team handball. Additionally, values that may be developed by team handball players are briefly discussed.
In chapter two the fundamental skills of passing, catching, dribbling and shooting are explained. Drills for improving and developing each skill are included. The specific skills of the goalkeeper and drills for developing and improving those skills are included in chapter three.
Some of the common alignments and formations for team handball are included in chapter four. Positioning and some specific responsibilites are included. Basic defensive principles of team handball are discussed in chapter five, while basic offensive principles are discussed in chapter six. Both chapters contain discussions on individual and team tactics. Examples of tactical drills are also included in these chapters.
The rules of team handball according to the United States Team Handball Federation comprise chapter seven. Some additional considerations such as; safety, possible rules modifications, and basic conditioning principles for beginning team handball players are included in chapter eight.