Results of a Plyometric intervention program and relationship of sport commitment.

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Sanderson, Sonya
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Middle Tennessee State University
This study describes the results of an eight week jump training intervention program on the vertical jump (VJ), block jump (BJ), and approach jump (AJ) performance of female high school volleyball players. A secondary purpose was to determine the association of the Sport Commitment Model constructs with increases in VJ, BJ, and AJ.
Eighteen high school female volleyball players were randomly assigned to participate in either Group 1, which received an eight week jump intervention program designed to improve VJ, BJ, and AJ or, Group 2, which received a control program of volleyball strategy training with no jumping.
Results demonstrated that Group 1 participants improved in VJ (1.06 in), BJ (.39 in), and AJ (.72 in). When compared with Group 2, control participant differences were significant at the p less than .05 for the BJ, but not for the VJ or AJ. A significant relationship did not exist among mean gain scores of jump measurements with the constructs of the Sport Commitment Model.
Chair: Peggy O'Hara-Murdock.