Analysis of Mental Health Issues and its Implications On Cabin Crew at Emirates Airlines

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Mumtaz, Syed Hammad
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Middle Tennessee State University
Mental health is a very important topic in today’s day and age. Each one of the participants of the aviation industry go through some sort of stress that can test them mentally as well as physically. In this thesis, the focus is on cabin crew who often go unnoticed in many studies. The primary goal of this thesis is to understand what the levels of stress faced by cabin crew are at Emirates Airlines. A triangulation research method was used to obtain the data. For quantitative results a stress survey was used, which included specific stress factors to evaluate the participants’ level of stress. A qualitative approach was also used, with interviews of cabin crew being conducted. The results of the study indicated high levels of stress among Emirates Airlines cabin crew with rostering procedures indicated as one area that particularly causes stress.
Aerospace, Airlines, Aviation, Cabin Crew, Mental Health, Stress