Introduction to basic rock climbing : a manual for students.

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Coates, Thomas
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Middle Tennessee State University
In recent years Americans have demonstrated an increased interest in outdoor leisure activities. With this increased interest has come a greater emphasis on outdoor activities which contain elements of challenge, risk, and adventure. Rock climbing is such an activity and is increasing in popularity in America.
With the increased interest in rock climbing, more and more colleges and universities are offering courses in basic rock climbing for those who are interested. Texts presently available which deal with rock climbing are not designed to provide the emphasis on basic information and techniques which is needed for instructional courses such as these. The purpose of this study was to develop a basic instructional manual which would serve to introduce the beginning rock climber to the skills and techniques utilized in this sport.
Introduction to Basic Rock Climbing: A Manual for Students is divided into nine chapters, a glossary, and a reference section. Chapter 1 provides the beginner with an introduction to the sport of rock climbing. A historical overview is provided in Chapter 2. Clothing and equipment are covered in Chapter 3. Chapter 4 provides information on knots, slings, and rope coiling. Climbing signals and rating systems are presented in Chapter 5. Chapter 6 is devoted to climbing techniques including holds, counterforce holds, jamming, and slab climbing. The technique of belaying, with emphasis on top rope belaying, is presented in Chapter 7. Chapter 8 covers the fundamentals of rappelling with information on several of the most commonly used rappel systems. Ethics as they relate to rock climbing are presented in Chapter 9. The glossary contains terms and phrases the beginning climber may encounter. A reference section containing lists of books, periodicals, films, climbing schools, and clubs is provided as a source of additional information for the beginning rock climber.