Genocide Restraint: Economic Integration of Ethnic Minorities in Africa

dc.contributor.advisor Lefler, Vanessa en_US Courtoy, Jason C. en_US
dc.contributor.committeemember Carleton, David en_US
dc.contributor.committeemember Morris, Stephen en_US
dc.contributor.department Political Science en_US 2014-06-02T19:01:54Z 2014-06-02T19:01:54Z 2014-03-27 en_US
dc.description.abstract The genocide literature focuses on the conditions and casual mechanisms that make a situation ``ripe'' for genocide. However, the literature posits factors and mechanisms that are more common than the outcome of genocide. The reason is two-fold. First, genocide does not emerge in isolation from other conflictual events, but out of them. Second, escalation factors are only half of the process. The other half are restraint mechanisms. I propose an economic restraint theory of genocide that incorporates these multidimensional processes. Specifically, this economic restraint approach develops a theory of genocide costs, particularly the toll genocide takes on the state's economy. This study theorizes that the economic location of the state's revenue stream and the ethnic minority act as restraints on genocide and state violence more generally. This study finds that genocide is less likely to occur when minorities are integrated into the state's preponderant economic sector, specifically the resource rents and services sector. Additionally, genocide is more likely when the minorities are not integrated into the state's preponderant economic sector. en_US M.A. en_US
dc.publisher Middle Tennessee State University en_US
dc.subject Conflict Costs en_US
dc.subject Economics en_US
dc.subject Genocide en_US
dc.subject Minorities en_US
dc.subject Restraints en_US
dc.subject.umi Peace studies en_US
dc.subject.umi International relations en_US
dc.subject.umi Economics en_US
dc.thesis.degreegrantor Middle Tennessee State University en_US
dc.thesis.degreelevel Masters en_US
dc.title Genocide Restraint: Economic Integration of Ethnic Minorities in Africa en_US
dc.type Thesis en_US
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