Perceptions of Broken Promises in the Workplace

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Marto, Carissa Hope
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Middle Tennessee State University
ABSTRACT The present study explored psychological contract breach and, intentionality on organizational outcomes. Two independent factors were manipulated: intentionality of psychological contract breach– intentional and. unintentional – and type of psychological contract breach – flexible working hours and. compensation. Four scenarios were created to evaluate interactions of intentionality and type of psychological contract breach by measuring job satisfaction and turnover intention ratings. Participants were randomly presented with one out of the four scenarios and answered psychological contract breach, job satisfaction, and turnover intention questions. Findings suggested that the type of psychological contract breach had a significant effect on satisfaction and turnover intentions. Participants were more likely to have lower job satisfaction ratings and higher turnover intention ratings if the presented scenario related to compensation rather than flexible working hours. A 2 x 2 ANOVA revealed no significant interaction between intentionality and type of contract breach when measuring turnover intentions and job satisfaction. Intentionality did not have a significant relationship with job satisfaction or turnover intentions.
Broken Promises at work, Intentionality, Job Satisfaction, Psychological Contract Breach, Turnover Intentions, Occupational psychology, Psychology