Does Sugar Help You Run?

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Branstetter, Kelsey
Robertson, Katelen
Hartshorn, Emily
Ridge, Brian
Duncan, Dominique
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Middle Tennessee State University
Context: Carbohydrates are the main source of energy used by the body when running; due to this, many endurance athletes take a supplement during competition. Numerous studies have observed long duration activities and the time frame to ingest supplementation for optimal effects. There has not been much research on the carbohydrate supplementation during middle distance running. Objective: Examine whether the addition of carbohydrate supplementation will yield performance improvement when compared to simply ingesting water during middle distance running, and if improved performance is effected by the type of carbohydrate supplementation. Design: Repeated Measure Design Methods: The participants (n=15) were volunteers from Middle Tennessee State University Womens Soccer team, ranging in age from 18-21| Participants were divided into three supplementation groups: 1) water, 2) Starburst, 3) Gatorade Chew. Each group ran a timed mile, followed by a 15-minute break to consume their assigned supplement, and then ran another timed mile.