Training Idea Evaluation

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French, Shelby
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Middle Tennessee State University
The present study was one of the first to attempt training the idea evaluation phase of the creative process. Working memory, divergent thinking, and openness to experience were hypothesized to interact with the ability to train participants on idea evaluation. Participants were split into three groups (control, instructions, training). All three groups received three tasks and were asked to choose the most effective solution to the problem from a list. The control group was asked to only rate solutions to the tasks and were given no instructions or training. The instructions group was given limited instructions on the meaning of quality and originality in creativity after the first task. The training group was given the same instructions with examples and feedback on their responses after the first task. A repeated measures 3 x 3 ANOVA revealed no significant differences between groups. The only significant covariate was working memory. Divergent thinking and openness were nonsignificant.
Creativity, Divergent Thinking, Idea Evaluation, Personality, Training, Working Memory, Psychology