“We Are More Than Just Nurses”: Working Mothers in Nursing and the Effects of COVID-19.

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Martin, Autumn
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Middle Tennessee State University
The COVID-19 pandemic has spread across the world, resulting in various social, economic, and health outcomes. As infection rates increased and government shutdowns were implemented, there have been many changes in society, particularly for working mothers. Research shows socialized gendered roles tend to be reinstated during disasters and crises (Leigh 2020), and like a disaster or crisis, this pandemic is accompanied by vulnerability and uncertainty. My thesis looked at the added responsibilities and stress this pandemic has had on mothers working in healthcare through a gender lens. I investigate the added demands on these mothers in the home and at work, along with their mental health, burnout, and their overall sense of belonging which are reflected in my findings. My thesis centered on mothers’ experiences during the global pandemic, specifically the many ways it has affected their personal and professional lives. My aim is to use this study to explore gender, family, and the workplace (specifically healthcare) amidst COVID-19.
COVID-19, Gendered Organizations, Healthcare, Sociology, Women's studies