Exploring the Factor Model of the Work Locus of Control Measurement

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Neil, Yendi
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Middle Tennessee State University
Studies have used Spector’s (1988) Work Locus of Control Measurement; however, many studies have not fully analyzed the factor structure of the model. This study explored both the current three factor assessment and potential four-factor structure of the WLOC measurement. We determined if social networks (who do you know) could be a potential new factor by adding six new items as a new subscale. Furthermore, the study compared the best fit three-factor structure of the WLOC to the best fit two-factor structure of the Core Self-Evaluations Scale (CSES) to determine if there are any similarities between the factors being measured. Overall, the best fit model for the WLOC measurement is the three-factor: Action, Luck, and Beneficial Relationships. The subscale of new items for social networks failed to promote the supposed social aspect of the measurement. The factors being measured in the WLOC differ from those in the CSES.
Factor analysis, Factor model, Measurement, Model comparison, WLOC, Work Locus of Control, Psychology