Our Sorrows They've Seen: The Tennessee Mormon Massacre

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Linam, Alisha M.
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Middle Tennessee State University
The Tennessee Mormon Massacre, or the Cane Creek Massacre, occurred on August 10, 1884, in Lewis County, Tennessee. A masked mob attacked the James Conder farm during a Sunday worship service and murdered four members of the Church of
Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, including two missionaries. The leader of the mob died in the violence as well. Several historians have explored the events of the massacre and have connected it to the national anti-polygamy movement of the 1880s. However, no
one has approached it from the local level. This thesis introduces the Lewis County Circuit Court records to the literature and reexamines the sources that other scholars of the massacre have used. It reveals several points of local tension that were present before the Mormons arrived and demonstrates community relationships that have previously been left unexplored.
Church of Jesus Christ of Latte, Massacre, Mormon, Southern, Tennessee, Violence