Anglo-American rivalry at the Cairo and Teheran Conferences, 1943.

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Dressler, James
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Middle Tennessee State University
This study focuses upon Anglo-American rivalry and its manifestation of the Cairo and Teheran Conferences. A brief examination of the history of Anglo-American relations with special attention given to the period between the outbreak of World War II in Europe and American entry following the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor is included. Careful attention is given to the development of the special Churchill-Roosevelt relationship and its implications for Anglo-American affairs. Major areas of friction between the two nations and their leaders are noted, and the conferences at Cairo and Teheran are examined as case studies, illustrating the effects of such conflict upon the conduct of World War II.
The research relies upon a synthesis of primary and secondary source materials in order to note inconsistencies and conflicts among historians regarding both the events that took place and the motives behind them. No major areas of disagreement have been resolved, but most have been noted and examined. The major contribution of the research lies in its completeness, drawing, as it does, the often scattered, incomplete, and contradictory data together in a more coherent and comprehensive form than has been available before. Research findings indicate that the true significance of decisions made during the conferences and the motives of those involved is still a subject of much debate and probable misunderstanding.