Integrating interdisciplinary cognitive tasks for students unable to actively participate in elementary physical education.

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Kerst, Camilla
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Middle Tennessee State University
This dissertation is a manual designed to provide teachers and students with an alternative to non-learning and nonparticipation. Parents often send children to school requesting the child not go outside and not participate in physical education activities due to an injury or recovering from an illness. In most situations the child sits quietly or becomes a discipline problem because there is "nothing to do.".
Current books on cognitive teaching in physical education deal in relationship to the psychomotor domain or at a higher cognitive level in the area of evaluation for older students. This manual is divided into seven chapters and appendixes. Chapter 1 provides an introduction, statement of the problem, significance of the study, justification of the study, definitions of terms, and delimitations of the study. Chapter 2 is the review of literature. Chapter 3 is the methods and procedure explaining the selection of topics, selection of cognitive format, manual design, environment, selection of students, and procedures for manual use. Chapters 4-7 include characteristics of children which that chapter addresses, fifteen cognitive tasks, and answer sheets. The cognitive tasks are designed to integrate physical education knowledge with appropriate academic grade-level comprehension in a variety of pencil-and-paper activities. Chapter 4 is directed toward kindergarten students. Chapter 5 focuses on first and second grades. Chapter 6 focuses on third and fourth grades. Chapter 7 is geared toward the fifth and sixth grade student.