Booming Practice or Bust? The Use and Development of Competency Models in Organizations

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Loftis, Megan
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Middle Tennessee State University
While the use of competency models in organizations has been increasing in recent years, our understanding of how organizations are developing and using competency models is limited. This study sought to provide a better understanding of how organizations develop, present, and implement competency models. A survey was created assessing the best practices of competency modeling as set by Campion et al. (2011). Participants were approximately 328 human resource personnel and consultants that had experience with multiple competency models. Results indicated that some best practices, such as documenting the process, were being followed more closely than others. In addition, results showed that educational background and professional affiliations did not predict following the best practices more closely. This study helps to close the gap between practice and research and assists practitioners in gaining a better understanding about how competency models are being used and developed in various organizations.
Best Practices, Competency Modeling, Human Resources