Promoting Adaptive Performance: Validating a Measure of Adaptive Performance Using an In-Basket and a Situational Judgement Test

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Seyfang, Emilie R
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Middle Tennessee State University
The need for employees to successfully alter their behavior to match the needs of the changing work environment is more important than ever before. Prior research rests on the idea that adaptive performance (AP) leads to positive outcomes for both employees and organizations yet little research has examined how AP relates to performance on assessments and tests. The current study examines the relationship between AP using an in-basket, SJT and two measure of AP. The Measure of Adaptive Performance (MAP) and the I-ADAPT were utilized to examine the performance of 270 Troopers and 75 Sergeants in a state highway patrol agency. The outcomes of this study showed high correlations between the dimensions on the MAP and I-ADAPT leading to the conclusion that they are measuring similar constructs. Further regression analyses suggest that certain dimensions of AP can successfully predict performance on an SJT but did not predict for performance on an in-basket. Additional research is suggested to more fully understand these findings.