Green Airports: Ways Airports Can Go Green

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Rai, Salil
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Middle Tennessee State University
The goal of this research study was to help document the various sustainable technologies that are in use at airports today. Airports are a great place to promote sustainable living and lowering the carbon footprint. For this study, contact was secured with airports which have included sustainability practices in their operations, via a survey. In addition to the survey, web based research was performed in order to determine various sustainability initiatives currently in place at different airports.
Changing the lighting at an airport to LED lighting was the most popular initiative and undertaken at almost all of the airports included in the research. Alternate fueled vehicles were also a big hit amongst the airports studied. The installation of a compressed natural gas station at one airport saved $269,275 over a five year period. Using solar roofs or green roof, de- icing fluid recycling or using energy efficient escalators were some initiatives that airports are incorporating.
Green airports, Sustainability at airports, Sustainable airports