A manual for beginning aerobics.

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Campbell, Dale
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Middle Tennessee State University
The purpose of this study was to develop a manual relevant to a beginning aerobics class for college students. Upon the completion of an extensive review of related literature, eleven topics were developed and included in the manual: (1) assessment of general cardiovascular fitness, (2) keeping records in relationship to an aerobics program, (3) training guide for a successful aerobics program, (4) training session--preparation phase, (5) training session--recovery phase, (6) nutrition as related to aerobics, (7) physiological basis for cardiovascular fitness, (8) psychological and sociological aspects of cardiovascular training, (9) mechanics of jogging, (10) environmental conditions, and (11) injury prevention and care. The manual was then used to teach a beginning aerobics class at Southeastern College during the spring semester of 1982.
Upon the completion of the semester an evaluation of the manual was made by comparing the results of pretest and posttest of knowledge and pretest and posttest of Cooper's 12-minute run and walk test. The results of student performances on the pretest and posttest of knowledge and of Cooper's 12-minute run and walk tests were positive in nature. This indicates a positive transfer of knowledge related to the manual materials was achieved along with gains in cardiovascular fitness. The aforementioned positive changes lend support for the consideration for adoption of the manual as a text for a beginning aerobics class.