Suggested techniques for golf instruction in physical education classes where facilities are limited.

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Wilcoxson, Jerry
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Middle Tennessee State University
The purpose of this dissertation was to develop a manual for teaching golf that will improve instruction and strengthen learning in college or university golf classes. Techniques are identified that can be used in adapting facilities and equipment in classes that experience limitations. This dissertation is divided into four chapters and also contains a survey questionnaire, a list of survey participants, letters and a definition of terms. In Chapter 1 the current status of golf instruction in colleges and universities is discussed. The problem is stated and the significance of this manual in serving as a source of ideas for overcoming limitations in instruction is emphasized. The author recognizes research limitations of the manual to golf activity classes that are taught at two- and four-year colleges and universities in Tennessee. The review of literature focuses on publications that relate specifically to topical material in Chapter 4. Chapter 2 explains the procedures that were involved in constructing the 12-question, open-ended survey instrument which was sent to 50 schools in October, 1985. Chapter 3 informs the reader that a 90 percent return of questionnaires was accomplished. Data concerned with responses to questions as well as statements from 45 non-identified representatives are contained in this chapter. A philosophy of golf instruction is expressed in Chapter 4. Also discussed is the basic purpose for adapting facilities as well as the techniques used in the adaptation of space, surfaces, targets and equipment. The importance of fitting golf equipment to students, using available aids for practice and instruction with various media is also explained. Other topics concerning techniques of instruction are the organization of golf classes, rules of safety and etiquette, stretching exercises designed specifically for golf and the basic types of physical and mental practice.