The stickiness of weight stigma: An examination of residual weight stigma, stigma targets, and willingness to date.

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Asbury, Mary Beth
Kratzer, Jessica M. W
Brinthaupt, Thomas M.
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Middle Tennessee State University, Department of Communication, College of Liberal Arts
This research examined the stickiness of stigma related to being overweight and dating. Three studies explored whether residual weight stigma exists by comparing being overweight to other stigmatized conditions. The first study showed little evidence that overweight was a stigmatizing condition, with participants showing similarities in willingness to date someone who is overweight compared to other physical or medical conditions. There was partial support in the second study for the prediction that overweight was a stigmatizing condition in comparison to conditions related to physical appearance. The third study indicated that there is a tendency for participants to attribute greater personal responsibility for the overweight condition compared to other conditions. Taken together, the results provided little evidence for residual stigma associated with the overweight condition and dating preferences.
Stigma, Social stigma, Appearance stigma, Dating, Residual weight stigma