The effects of visu-motor behavior rehearsal on Tang Soo Do performance.

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Johnson, Clifton
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Middle Tennessee State University
The purpose of this study was to determine if mental rehearsal, combined with relaxation techniques, improves Tang Soo Do performance more than mental rehearsal or relaxation techniques used separately. The subjects were selected from members of the Memphis State Karate Club and assigned to either a VMBR, mental rehearsal, relaxation, or placebo group. State, trait, and pre-competition anxiety tests were administered at the beginning and end of the study, as well as skills evaluations. The subjects practiced their mental strategy daily and met for skills practice twice a week for the duration of the six weeks of the study. A one-way analysis of variance was computed to determine differences between pre- and post-data between groups. The 0.05 level was used to determine significant differences. The F probabilities for the pre- and post-measures did not reach the 0.05 level of significance necessary to reject the null hypotheses for any of the groups before or after the introduction of the mental strategies. No significant differences were found among the groups.