Applying the Learning-by-Teaching Method in a Classroom Setting

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Cain, Savannah
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Middle Tennessee State University
Learning-by-teaching has been shown to be an effective strategy for learning material however, research in the area has been inconsistent. Studies have found that those who prepare to teach or engage in teaching can exhibit increased learning gains, compared to those who simply study material. Learning-by-teaching research has primarily been studied in the lab, and when it has been studied in the classroom, it was done via a computer system. The present study looked to examine if the learning-by-teaching method could lead to increased learning gains in a classroom setting. The effects of learning-by-teaching on learning were examined, as well as if time spent engaging in learning-by-teaching and the quality of output effected learning gains. The results did not indicated that engaging in the learning-by-teaching did not provide greater learning gains than simply studying the material. However, a meaningful difference in means from exam one to exam two was found in one of the conditions, thus providing evidence that learning-by-teaching can be an effective method to use in the classroom.
Educational psychology