Reflective Administrative Instructional Coaching: A Qualitative Case Study

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Stricker, Cecelia Elizabeth
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Middle Tennessee State University
The purpose of this study is to educate and train administrative instructional coaches via professional development (PD) on the benefits of leveraging reflection in the coaching process and entice administrators to implement reflection within their current coaching practices. The researcher will use the perspectives and frameworks of: Knight (2007), Danielson (2009), Marzano (2012), Aguilar (2013), and Stronge (2018), along with many more, to support the benefits of using reflective practice within coaching. The professional development used within the study is one of an andragogy setting for coaches, for they were learners first. This qualitative study Case Study had 4 different data types: Pre-Interviews, Administrative Artifacts, Reflective Journals, and Post Interviews. The educational importance of this study is to give support to administrative coaches through the use of a professional development training series on a stable instructional practice (reflection) that will help administrators strengthen their coaching practices to provide better support for teachers.
Andragogy, Instructional Coach, Professional Development, Qualitative Coding, Reflective Practice, Self-Reflection, Education