Certified Athletic Trainers' Knowledge of the NATA Position Statement: Exertional Heat Illnesses

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Jones, Kirstie
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Middle Tennessee State University
Every year there are an abundant amount of exertional heat illnesses (EHIs) cases among athletes and those numbers are currently on the rise. The occurrence of EHIs has increased over time. From the years 1931-1959 there was only 5 players’ deaths reported in relation to EHIs compared to the 103 players reported to have died from 1960-2000 (Health Research Funding, 2015). The occurrence of EHIs are on the rise and we need medical professionals provided care that have the knowledge to recognize and treat these conditions. Certified athletic trainers (ATs) should be aware of the position statements provided for them concerning these illnesses. The National Athletic Trainers’ Association (NATA) develops position statements to provide ATs with the most current research concerning illnesses like EHIs. This study was used to develop a psychometrically sound test to assess the knowledge of ATs on the NATA position statement: Exertional Heat Illnesses. It will be used to show ATs what knowledge they need to have compared to what they already know.
Athletic Training, Exertional Heat Illness, Position Statement, Psychometric