The South Temperate Pronophilina (Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae: Satyrinae): revisionary notes and a first phylogenetic hypothesis

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Matz, Jessica Elaine
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Middle Tennessee State University
This monograph includes an extensive morphological study and redescription of 35 species of south-temperate members of Pronophilina (Nymphalidae: Satyrinae) with illustrations of male genitalia for each included species, a new key, and a systematic revision that combines morphological data with molecular analysis using regions of the mitochondrial COI and COII resulting in a new phylogenetic hypothesis of the group, here named as two infratribes, Neomaeniti and Neosatyriti. Of the 19 genera, 8 have been synonymized with 16 new combinations: Cosmosatyrus stelligera, C. dubii, Neomaenas tristis, Neosatyrus boisduvalii, N. humilis, N. schajovskoii, N. vesagus, Punargentus chiliensis, P. monticolens, P. tandilensis, Pampasatyrus edmondsii, P. gustavi, Tetraphlebia eleates,T. leucoglene, and T. patagonica. T. eleates has been promoted from a subspecies of T. leucoglene to a valid species and Neomaenas poliozona reedii has been raised to a valid subspecies. Neomaenas monachus limonias and Pampasatyrus gustavi penai have been demoted to subspecies and Auca nycteropus and A. pales have been synonymized with A. coctei. The placement of Neomaniola euripides, similar to members of Neosatyrus, is discussed, but not formally revised here.
Lepidoptera, Nymphalidae, Pronophilina, Satyrinae, Systematic revision