A Disaster Veterinary Contingency Plan Utilizing the One Health Model and The World Organization for Animal Health Guidelines

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Anderson, Devon
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Middle Tennessee State University
Natural disasters have become increasingly prevalent, disasters in 2022 exceeded $165.0 billion and was the third most costly year on record, behind 2017 and 2005. These calamities inflict various traumas upon companion animals, including injury, emotional distress, abandonment, and loss. While several established frameworks exist internationally to provide education, training, and contingency plan guidance for disaster management in veterinary services, the United States lacks access to many of these resources. This project aims to address this gap by developing a contingency plan for the Veterinary Emergency Group (VEG), a chain of emergency veterinary hospitals in the United States that has created a veterinary emergency travel team. The plan will be based on The One Health model and The World Organization for Animal Health guidelines, serving as a comprehensive framework for disaster management. Additionally, the plan will incorporate a detailed communication structure utilizing the Internal Communication System. By leveraging existing frameworks and establishing an effective communication system, this project seeks to enhance the preparedness and response capabilities of the veterinary community during disasters, ultimately improving outcomes for both humans and animals.
Public health