Knowledge retained, cardiovascular fitness and skinfold measurements of college age females before and after a physical fitness course.

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Jossey, Laurie
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Middle Tennessee State University
Ninety-four female college students were involved in physical education classes during the fall and winter quarters. Forty-seven subjects served as the control group enrolled in a physical education course other than physical fitness, and 47 subjects served as the experimental group enrolled in a physical fitness course. Fitness knowledge, skinfold measurements, and cardiovascular fitness of each subject were measured at the beginning and end of the course. The data were subjected to an analysis of variance to determine if there were significant differences in mean gains between the experimental and control groups, the winter and fall academic quarters, and the morning and afternoon classes. Results revealed significance for knowledge gained for the fitness group, the afternoon group, and the winter quarter group. Results also revealed no difference in skinfold measurements between any of the groups except the fall quarter group. There was also no difference between any of the groups in cardiovascular fitness. The.05 level was utilized to determine significance.