Female Pilots in Saudi Arabia

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Baragabah, Ahmed
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Middle Tennessee State University
Opportunities for women in Saudi Arabia are limited by cultural and religious belief systems. Women are not allowed to pursue certain opportunities because it could interfere with their social roles. There are many things that women are not allowed to do in this nation. They are not allowed to get a driver's license nor are they allowed to become a pilot However, this age has seen protests and changes in the Muslim world. Saudi Arabia has also seen some of those changes and it is likely that the roles of women will begin to change. The following paper looks at the opinions of individuals who are Saudi Arabian citizens living in the United States and who participated in interviews regarding the topic of women becoming pilots in Saudi Arabia. This qualitative study examines the cultural beliefs of people from Saudi Arabia concerning women becoming pilots and finds that while there is a belief that it is inevitable, cultural acceptance is still a long way off.
Arab, Aviation, Gender, Muslim, Pilot, Saudi arabia