Effect of Cold Exposure on Memory and Attention

dc.contributor.advisor Ujcich Ward, Kimberly
dc.contributor.author Webb, Alexis Nicoletta
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dc.date.issued 2017-08-01
dc.description.abstract Research suggests a potential negative effect of cold exposure on cognitive abilities. The current study examined the impact of cold exposure due to environmental conditions (room temperature) on memory and attention. Using a within-subjects design, thirty participants were administered neuropsychological assessments, a state-anxiety measure, an objective body temperature measure, and two subjective perception ratings across two conditions: neutral and cold rooms. Results indicated significantly poorer performance in the colder condition on the memory recognition and commission errors on a test of sustained attention. This commission error score also was significantly correlated with the subjective measures of cold perception in the colder condition. Additional investigation is needed to further assess the potential relationship between cold temperatures and various types of memory and attention.
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dc.publisher Middle Tennessee State University
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dc.subject Cold
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dc.subject.umi Clinical psychology
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dc.title Effect of Cold Exposure on Memory and Attention
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